When I first came to see Sandy, depression and debilitating anxiety was making life incredibly uncomfortable.  Previous treatments just weren’t alleviating the suffering.  Through the online sessions with Sandy, I started to develop a Tool box of ways to re-frame the past and better respond to the future.  Sandy provided a different angle on dealing with issues and gave me very practical ways to move from where I was, to where I wanted to be.  Now, things that happen in life don’t cut as deeply as they used to, or last as long, because I have the means to diffuse, respond, or accept what is happening.  I approach life with far greater confidence, but know that if it all gets to overwhelming, I have someone I trust to talk to.  I am infinitely grateful to the help that Sandy has given me.

JP ~ 2017


..3 years on from seeing you, anxiety and depression are now a very small factor of my being - anxiety still raises its head, but when it does, it doesn't rule my life anymore.  I still listen to your audio hypnotherapy.  It enlightens me every time. 

Thankyou Sandy for helping me see what an amazing woman I am xx


Donna L ~ 2017

I love my sessions with Sandy, I come away feeling so good almost with a new outlook on life itself.  I particularly like the way she makes you think about statements  you make!  Sandy has assisted me in so many ways, for many years I have had a physical problem that has impacted my ability to eat some foods, one session with Sandy and I managed to eat some lamb with no problem.  Although the physical problem has not gone completely, the hypnosis has really assisted me.  The key thing for me in working with Sandy is that I was becoming quite depressed about things.  I was conscious I was pushing people away and, without saying anything, making it clear I didn't want people near me. After one session with Sandy two separate people who had no idea I had seen her,  my darling Mum being one, commented how I seemed different and more positive and approachable.  People come into your life for a reason and I am so grateful Sandy has come into my life.

Kevvygal ~ 2015




Many organisations have an EAP program, however unless your provider of the service is good then you are throwing good money after bad.  I was looking for someone else to provide this valuable service for us when Sandy called me and we have been using her now for about 11month's and I have to say 'Wow'.  Sandy is a great listener, she is very direct but not in a confronting way and she has this amazing ability of making our staff feel comfortable immediately.  Sandy gives people the confidence to talk about their issues, understand why they are having an impact on them and helps them to work out the right solution for them.  Sandy has provided not only one on one counselling but also has assisted in some group work and coaching.  All I can say is thank goodness for Sandy.  Having someone so close to home who is available to step in and assist and fairly short notice has assisted us in not only supporting our staff but also enabling them to focus and to do their job. 

SS (name provided) HR MANAGER  ~ 2015




When my marriage fell apart, I was not sure what to do about anything in my life. With professional counselling from Sandy, I have come through the darkness and am now actively in control of my life and find myself laughing and smiling again. For anyone wondering what to do next, I would recommend talking to Sandy as she has really helped me to recognise the strengths already within me that I didn't believe I had. I am now looking forward to the future...

Helen - 2012



Sandy, your understanding and unconditional support was awesome in helping me get through a rough patch. Your uncanny insights and skills took me straight to the core of my issues and enabled me to make the changes necessary. You're a legend!

Ian - 2013



My name is Cath. I am 55 years old and for 40 years I HAD been a smoker!! I loved smoking in spite of health warnings, costs, social segregation's, etc. Thanks to Sandy, today marks 6 months cigarette-free! Under Sandy's guidance I underwent a course of hypnotherapy with skepticism, but I have not had a cigarette to this day, nor do I want one or mind others smoking around me. I travel overseas with a non-smoker and I am no longer a crave-slave to a fag. The lack of stress is wonderful! Honestly, I don't know how but Sandy's technique, counselling and commitment has worked for me! P.S. I don't cough at all!

Cath - 2012



After 10 years of smoing a pack a day, I decided I had enough fo sacrificing my health and throwing away money. After only one session with Sandy I can proudly say I have been a non-smoker for almost 1 year. I feel amazing! Best decision I have ever made! Thanks Sandy!

James - 2013