?    Are my discussions with you private?


I take confidentiality very seriously as it is fundamental to the counselling process. There are some very rare circumstance in which confidentiality  may need to be broken according to law. If you have any concerns regarding confidentiality I am always available to discuss this with you.

?    What issues are suitable for counselling & support?

 Any subjects or experiences, from an everyday concern to a unique circumstance or situation (like a separation) are suitable for a counselling session. Counselling addresses concerns across many lifestyle and life stage events and circumstances.

Common reasons why people seek out counselling include:


  • Relationship difficulties, e.g. frequent fights, extramarital affairs, sexual worries, loss of intimacy.

  • Illness, grief and loss.

  • Life transition and adjustment issues.

  • Personal growth and understanding.

  • Addictive behaviours.

  • Sexuality and sexual identity.

  • Anxiety, stress or depression.

  • Individuals or couples considering marriage.

  • New parents facing change.

  • Bringing up teenagers.

  • Separation or divorce issues.

  • Loneliness.

  • Adjustment to step-family arrangements.

  • Violence and abuse in the relationship.

  • Workplace problems, retrenchment or retirement.

?   How does online counselling work and is it safe?


Online counselling is an alternative to coming into my rooms and sitting face to face. Online counselling works well for people who find it challenging to leave home, or who live too far away. The conversations are private, and with face to face connection through SKYPE or similar facilities, a positive relationship can be build quickly, effectively and safely.  You don't eve have to be in the same country to have a counselling session!

?    How many sessions will I need?


Traditional counselling takes place once a week for approximately one hour. The number of sessions is entirely up to you and your needs. An individual may wish to see me for just one session, while others may choose to see me for longer to work through specific issues.

?    What fees and charges are involved?


Fees and charges vary depending on the services provided and your circumstances.

See FEES for more information.

?    How will I know if counselling has been effective?


Counselling is successful when you are empowered to take good and constructive action on your on behalf. At the end of counselling you will be left with a sense of being better able to manage your personal circumstances and a greater sense of personal ‘agency’ to influence the events in your own life. You will have an enhanced emotional ‘tool kit” to help you make decisions and to see things more clearly.