Do you need help making the changes you want in your life?  Do you want someone to talk with who will understand? 


I am here to help you start achieving these things……with absolute confidentiality.


Utilizing a combination of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy techniques to achieve optimal results. I have had great success in effectively dealing with; Chronic Pain management, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Compulsive behaviours, Phobias, Lifestyle issues and Addictions including Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs. 


You will find the support to help you create strategies and real solutions to get back on track with your life, your health and your relationships.


Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment based on the relationship between an individual and a therapist. Grounded in dialogue and completely confidential, it provides a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly with someone who’s objective, neutral and non-judgmental.