Mediation or Dispute Resolution assists people in working through serious issues and conflict that have not been able to be resolved previously by other means. It is a process that can save money and the emotional damage were the matter were to move into the court system.


Family problems, financial disputes, dysfunctional working relationships, property settlements, and the many other conflicts that arise, can often be resolved when a third party mediates discussion and negotiations leading to more positive and effective communication strategies and resolution.


With strong interpersonal skills and an ability to draw out the concerns of all parties involved, Sandy works to facilitate a resolution that can be accepted by all people involved. Offering clients a balanced and empathic approach, at this most difficult of time, with impartiality, discretion and compassion.

With a no-nonsense approach, an understanding of the core issues families’ face today, and her ability to address both sides of an issue, Sandy has the skills to achieve positive results.


Family Dispute Resolution is a process where family members in conflict can be helped to communicate more effectively with each other, clarify what is important for them, and then be supported in making effective decisions towards resolving their dispute.


The Dispute Resolution Mediator manages the process, ensuring it is safe and productive for all concerned whilst providing clients with a supportive, neutral and non-adversarial environment, and works with the following format:


  • Active Listening - listening to other's points of view without interruption

  • Identifying issues in need of resolution

  • The sharing of information relevant to all parties involved

  • Creating possible solutions and options

  • Exploration (testing) of possible solutions and options

  • Creating a written document with agreement by all and signed off.


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The Sandy Robinson employee assistance program (EAP) provides employees and managers access to counselling services by phone, online or face to face, enabling staff to receive confidential counselling support wherever they are.


I also provide critical incident response counselling for those times when employees need immediate assistance to cope with personal and workplace factors.


Benefits of EAP and employee counselling services:


  • Reduced absenteeism and improved employee performance and productivity at work

  • Increased staff retention rates to ensure your organisation attracts and keeps the best and brightest staff

  • CIR accessibility to your employees 24/7

  • Commercial and counselling experience with a diverse range of clients, across different industries, locations and cultures.


General Consulting Services across all areas of the organisation


  • Workplace cultural audits and assessments

  • Manager hotline

  • Team interventions

  • Workplace mediation

  • Independent workplace investigations (bullying/harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, grievances)

  • Facilitated meetings

  • Staff Briefings

  • Policy and program development and review

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring


Group Training Services


  • Management supervision

  • Managing work groups

  • Workshops – team building, conflict resolution

  • Strategic Planning


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Many organisations have an EAP program, however unless your provider of the service is good then you are throwing good money after bad.  I was looking for someone else to provide this valuable service for us when Sandy called me and we have been using her now for about 11month's and I have to say 'Wow'.  Sandy is a great listener, she is very direct but not in a confronting way and she has this amazing ability of making our staff feel comfortable immediately.  Sandy gives people the confidence to talk about their issues, understand why they are having an impact on them and helps them to work out the right solution for them.  Sandy has provided not only one on one counselling but also has assisted in some group work and coaching.  All I can say is thank goodness for Sandy.  Having someone so close to home who is available to step in and assist and fairly short notice has assisted us in not only supporting our staff but also enabling them to focus and to do their job. 

SS (name provided) HR MANAGER  ~ 2015

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